First Period Story

"When I was in 6th grade way back in 1958, I had a male teacher who was in charge of the movie projector and he only let boys operate it. I very much wanted to run the projector and kept asking him if I could. We had a projector at home for home movies and I knew how to operate it. One day my teacher told me I could take the projector to show a girls-only movie called"Growing Up and Liking It" to the girls in the other 6th grade classes. I showed this movie, put out by Kotex, 6 times. Do you think I understood what to expect when I got my own period a few months later? Wrong. My Mom found brownish stuff in my underwear and asked me about it. I was very embarrassed thinking I had not properly wiped my bum. She told me that I had started my period. I told her that could not be my period because the blood comes out at your waistline because you have to wear a special belt and a pad to catch the blood. That's my first-period story!"
-Nancy (she/her)
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