What Period Product Did Mrs. Claus Use?

I know what you’re thinking, is Mrs. Claus still menstruating? Well the woman has been around for a long time so yes, perhaps she has stopped getting her period for quite some time now. However, once upon a time when she and Mr. Claus were young and in their prime, there was a very good chance that she was a menstruator. Every month she would get her period like so many others before and after her. 

So the important question is, what period product did she use? 

Pads, tampons, underwear, cups or discs? 

Let’s start with pads. Depending on the type of pad and Mrs. Claus’s flow, the pad would typically last between 4-8 hours. Would she want an herbal pad like Honey Pot, chlorine free like Seventh Generation, or would she support a women owned business like TOP’s organic project created by two women in Massachusetts? Perhaps an ultra-thin pad like LOLA, or was she an environmentalist and would select biodegradable pads from It’s August? 

Or would she prefer a tampon? Tampons last approximately the same time as a pad, between 4-8 hours. Would she find it more comfortable than a pad? Would she prefer organic tampons like The Public Goods, Seventh Generation or Tops? Or perhaps a container that looked like an ice cream box like FLO? Was she worried about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

She may be too busy getting all the toys ready so changing her tampon or pad may be a hassle. Maybe period underwear is her preferred choice. JUNE underwear can be helpful if she has light to medium flow and she can reuse it for many months and years to come. If Mrs. Claus was a feminist than she would be interested supporting a woman owned business like JUNE.

Or would a cup be her preferred choice? Cups last for up to approximately 12 hours and are reusable for 5-10 years. That would be helpful during her busy time of year when she’s helping Mr. Claus and the elves get ready for the holiday season. It’s the most cost effective starting at $6.99. 

Would she wear a disc? Discs last approximately up to 12 hours, are reusable, and if Mr. Claus and she were “in the mood” while she had her period, this is the way to go. 

 To find the right period product for her, no doubt she shopped at FIHRI, a period wellcare company changing the way someone experiences their period. FIHRI offers a variety of period products from pads, tampons, cups, underwear and discs because FIHRI believes there isn’t just one way to menstruate. FIHRI also offers monthly subscriptions so someone like Mrs. Claus can continue doing amazing work and not let her period stop her. FIHRI also offers snacks, journals and period calendars to help someone navigate a difficult week. FIHRI’s there for you, Mrs. Claus, and the billions of menstruators worldwide. To check out Mrs. Claus’s favorite period products go to www.wearefihri.com.