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When you buy a period product for yourself, Fihri will donate a pad or tampon to a menstruator in need.

Better for you and the planet because we care.

    Means of Menstruation is a project with the mission of providing menstrual cups to menstruating persons across Rhode Island. Menstrual cups are an effective tool to reduce the long-term financial stress of menstruation and they are more environmentally friendly than disposable menstrual health products.

    Means of Menstruation is partnering with organizations around Rhode Island, in order to make menstrual products more accessible to people experiencing period poverty, meaning the inadequate access to menstrual hygiene products, education, waste management, or hygiene facilities.

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    June Menstrual Cup: Original
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    June Menstrual Cup- Mini for Teens
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    June Menstrual Cups: 2 pack (small + large size)
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    June Cup Wipes