About Us




FIHRI Inc, a period wellcare company changing the way women, girls and menstruators experience their period. 
FIHRI curates period products from pads, tampons, cups and underwear to help a community member find the best product for them. Over 9,000 period products will be used in a menstruators lifetime, shouldn't it be the best product for your body type?
FIHRI has filters to help find products that are important to you; whether it's biodegradable, eco-friendly, 100% organic cotton, plastic free, woman owned business and the list goes on. 
FIHRI also educates the community regarding states and countries that passed legislation to offer free period products in schools with the hope of ending period poverty worldwide. Learning that more than 500 million women and girls globally don't have access to period products each month and it happening here in Massachusetts, inspired FIHRI's advocacy. 

FIHRI is proud to join the Women Innovating Now (WIN) Growth Lab online venture accelerator program, built by Babson CWEL: Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership. 

Our core beliefs are we believe in a world of equality and that nothing should stop you from achieving your educational and financial goals, not even your period. We believe in a world of equality for all. Period. 

As a small woman owned start-up, we have big dreams to remove barriers menstruators face in their daily lives. We understand you are chasing your dreams and changing the world. Keep going. There will be much to overcome as you navigate your journey and your period shouldn't get in the way. 

Whether you want to use a pad, cup, underwear or tampon, we are here to help. We are all uniquely different as are the period products we provide for you. 

Thank you for supporting us as we are here to support you. 

With love and gratitude,