FIHRI Inc. is a period product company for the new generation of menstruators and a leader in the fight for menstrual equity. Driven by social and environmental justice, we are working to eliminate the inequalities that menstruators face in school and in the world while providing several options for minimal-waste menstruation.

Social Impact

At FIHRI we are committed to doing global good. Over 500 million menstruators worldwide do not have access to period products each month. Period products should be a right, not a luxury.

The impact of period poverty is an urgent issue of social, economic, and educational justice. Menstruators face significant barriers to educational and economic access as compared to those who do not menstruate. According to a 2019 study, more than 1 in 4 menstruating students do not attend school for at least one day when they have their period, often due to a lack of access to menstrual products. Based on the average cycle length, that would mean several menstruators will miss at least 10 days of school per school year, or two full weeks of lost learning time.

This is an urgent matter of educational inequity. That's why the FIHRI community is taking action. There are two ways we are working to end period poverty:

1. Advocacy

Check back soon to download our advocacy guide and see which actions you can take to advocate for free menstrual products in schools.

2. 1-for-1 Sales

Throughout the year, FIHRI hosts our 1-for-1 Sales, where for every menstrual product you purchase, a menstrual product is donated to a school. Sign up for our email list [LINK?] to be alerted of the next 1-for-1 Sale.

Environmental Impact

It can be difficult to know the environmental impact of menstrual products, so we've made your life easier by figuring out what it all means.


We make it easy to pick what matters most to you — whether that's ensuring a product is vegan, or knowing a product was made without carcinogenic chemicals — and purchase the best menstrual products for YOU, all while prioritizing environmental impact.

Transparency + Safety

It's tough to decipher all the big words that are on the box of your period products. That's why we've broken it all down for you in our Guide to Menstrual Product Ingredients, which you can download here [ADD LINK ONCE DOC IS READY]