Period Palooza in Action

Step 1

Fihri provides and organizes the organic cotton and/or biodegradable regular pads, super pads, tampons, and panty liners to make it easy for you and your team to assemble the period kits.

Step 2

Your team assembles the period kits.

Step 3

Period Kits get donated to a school or non-profit in need. (Don't worry we can help find one for you).

Learn more about a Period Palooza and the impact you will have.

How it Works

Fundraising Page

You will have your own team page and you can invite members to join. Tell your friends and family to donate to your fundraising page.

Packing Event

We provide you with a powerful period resuable pouch, period products, and a custom button for your team. You and your community pack the kits and we send it to a non-profit or school in need (you pick).

You are a shero

You and your team helped menstruators in need of period products.

Who can host a Period Palooza?

Perfect for companies, school clubs, sports teams, religious groups, and non-profit groups.

Organizations that hosted a Period Palooza